Whenever I went to the library or book store, ever since I could remember, I'd look for Asian writers or Asian content. Maybe I was looking for someone like me reflected in the stacks and piles of stories. Maybe I wanted to read my own story. I still can't believe I can add my own book to the shelves of books I own.

 My debut novel, Someone Like You, was released Spring 2016 by a Canadian publishing house called Two Wolves Press. My latest creative non-fiction piece, Six, was published Spring 2017 in the anthology Wherever I Find Myself: Stories by Canadian Immigrant Women (Caitlin Press) and my poem Pritong Isda appears in the ricepaper anthology Currents which launched at the 2017 LiterAsian Festival in Vancouver. I am immensely grateful to the editors and publishers who've helped me put my writing out into the world and especially to the writers who've come before me & taught me the healing powers of the written word.  

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Aileen Santos