Two Wolves Press Launches my debut novel, Someone Like You

Thank you to Circa Gallery at 112 George Street, Hamilton for having us!


As I sit here Saturday afternoon, having spent this wonderfully rainy morning in my pj's holding and re-reading my novel in my hands, I can now respond fittingly to my friends & family who came out last night to support the launch of said book. As people approached me last night, asking how I was feeling, I could not find the words. 
Today, I can finally express how I was feeling.

It was magical.

From the surprising former students who showed up, to my son looking up to me saying, "I want to write stories too!" To seeing tears in my parents' eyes. These are just some of the moments I'll remember.


All I can think of now is, how in the world are we ever going to re-create this on Thursday?

Purely magical.
Heartfelt and heart full.

Thank you for your support.